Toshi organic earmuff popcorn - mist in green


Product:   Toshi Organic Earmuff Popcorn - Mist in Green

Toshi Earmuff Popcorn is crafted from the finest quality certified 100% organic cotton yarn. Organic certification ensures the beanie is gentle on heads, as well as our precious environment. The beautifully textured melange yarn brings an element of refinement to this beanie. This beanie features ear flaps for cosy and nurturing protection from the elements and vibrantly accessorises baby’s winter wardrobe. The baby beanie Earmuff Popcorn is fully lined for enhanced comfort and greater warmth during our cooler months.

Style Toshi Earmuff Popcorn with Toshi Cardigan and Booties for a nurturing and warm winter look.


- Certified 100% organic cotton yarn
- Beautifully textured melange knit
- Ear flaps for cosy warmth
- Adorned with whimsical pom poms
- Fully lined for protection from the elements
- Quality crafting provides lasting durability
- Designed in Australia, made in China



Size - XXS.   Prem -  Newborn
             XS.  up to 8 month
               S.   8 months to 2 years
               M.  2 years to small grown up
               L.    Big kids and grown up
             XL    Bigger kids to  grown ups

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