Great Pretenders

Great Pretenders Deluxe Wand (Assorted)


Product: Great Pretenders Deluxe Wand (Assorted)

GP15210 Unicorn Sequins Wand
This glam wand is the perfect accessory to any unicorn outfit. It is covered in sequins and accented with the softest white marabou. The wand is 13 inches in length and is decorated with elegant pink ribbons.

GP15500 Star Wand 
Your little star needs a star wand, why not make it one of our Deluxe Star Wands!? Each star is hand stitched and turned, stuffed with fluffy polyfil and trimmed with matching metallic ribbons and marabou feather accents. This star wand is a great addition to any Princess OR Fairy costume. Reach for the stars little one!

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