Glitter Girl

Glitter Girl Unicorn Kiss Shimmer Lotion 30ml


Product: Glitter Girl Unicorn Kiss Shimmer Lotion 
Code: M0023

Shimmer Lotion Enriched with vitamin E and soothing flower extracts.

Mwah! A magical kiss from a GG Unicorn with a touch of sparkle. Light, non-greasy lotion, enriched with vitamin E and cherry blossom to moisturise and nourish the skin.

Apply gently to the skin in areas that reflect the light. Collarbones, shoulders, arms and legs.

Warning: Daily use may result in you becoming even more magical than you already are!

Available in 30ml.


Water, mica,glycerin, mineral oil, cetearyl acohol, 

glycerin stearate, polydimethysioxane, oleol polyether-15, mineral fate, 

potassium lauryl phosphate ester, vitamin E, Polyacrylamide, 

C13-14 iso-paraffin, lauryl polyether-7, cherry blossom.


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