ErgoPouch Sleeping Bag 1 Tog Berries in Pink


 Product:  ErgoPouch Sleeping Bag 1 tog Berries in Pink
Product Code   EPSH.1.0T08-24MBE20

Product Details:

The 1.0 TOG Sheeting Sleeping Bag is perfect for keeping a child warm overnight in rooms 21-24°C / 70-75°F. The TOG rating means that there is no need for additional blankets in the cot when using this product, making it a safe-sleep option. Parents can be rest assured that the breathable organic, natural fibres will help regulate their child’s temperature and prevent overheating. Parents can follow the FREE room thermometer and What to Wear guide provided with the product, to layer appropriately underneath to keep their child warm. We recommend pairing this pouch with one of our TOG-rated Layers, Bodywear or Pyjama's underneath, and Arm Warmers can be added on top of the pouch for extra warmth (all sold separately).

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