Ergopouch cocoon Air Swaddle in yellow


No zip. No velcro.Transparent when stretched.

All you need is a nappy/diaper and your baby will sleep longer in ultra comfort without overheating.

Pure comfort for baby, peace of mind for you.

Helps control startle reflex helping baby sleep longer without overheating in hot weather.

No unravelling, baby stays wrapped all night long

Great for babies with eczema, prevents scratching

Anyone can use them. No need for origami lessons

Fabric features:

1 fine layer of almost see through stretch Bamboo

Cool to touch, bamboo has great thermal properties 2 degrees cooler when hot and 2 degrees warmer when cold

Even has 50+ UPF protection

Highly breathable and antibacterial

Grown with no chemicals or pesticides / eco friendly

How to use: Place bottom up or top down.

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